Servicing the Greater San Francisco Bay Area

Crafting Exteriors That Impress in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area

In the vast world of construction, Techcon Construction has carved out a niche with exterior carpentry that integrates seamlessly with your outdoor spaces. Our expertise extends from the building’s structure right down to the finest landscaping details.

Our Expertise:

  1. Meticulous Craftsmanship: Our carpentry team marries functionality with aesthetics, ensuring every exterior feature stands out, yet feels like a natural part of your space.
  2. Sustainable Solutions: Understanding the importance of outdoor durability, we use sustainably sourced and weather-resistant materials to ensure longevity.
  3. Modern Techniques with Traditional Touch: We embrace the latest in carpentry technologies, but our heart lies in the age-old traditions of woodworking, creating a blend that’s uniquely Techcon Construction.

What We Offer

Deck & Patio Craftsmanship: Create cozy corners or expansive outdoor lounging areas with our bespoke deck and patio solutions.

Customized Garden Structures: From pergolas to gazebos and garden benches, our team crafts pieces that elevate your garden’s aesthetics.

Elegant Walkways & Entryways: Make every entrance memorable with beautifully crafted wooden walkways and entryways.

Fencing & Privacy Screens: Define your spaces with tailor-made fencing solutions, ensuring privacy without compromising on beauty.

Landscaping Accents: Wooden planters, border edging, or trellises – our exterior carpentry adds fine touches to your landscapes.

Why Choose Techcon Construction for Exterior Carpentry?

Integrated Landscape Vision: We don’t just build; we envision. Our carpentry is designed to harmonize with your landscaping, creating a cohesive outdoor narrative.

Safety & Durability: Ensuring our woodwork withstands the test of time and elements, we prioritize safety and durability in every project.

Collaborative Designing: Your vision is central to our work. We collaborate closely with you to ensure our carpentry resonates with your exterior design aspirations.

Seamless Coordination: Our exterior carpenters seamlessly coordinate with landscapers, designers, and other experts, ensuring that every project progresses smoothly from ideation to completion.

The spaces outside your home are as important as the interiors. At Techcon Construction, we understand this and craft wooden features that not only amplify the beauty of your exteriors but also add functional value. Whether you dream of a rustic backyard oasis or a sleek modern garden space, our carpentry services are designed to bring those dreams to fruition.

For an exterior that’s as impressive as your interiors, trust in the craftsmanship and expertise of Techcon Construction. Reach out today to explore the myriad ways we can redefine your outdoor spaces.